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Current Champions


Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous Champion(s)
GWF World Title The Mundo 11th June Bound For Glory Kevin King
United Kingdom Championship Morgan Wolf 2nd July Wrestlemania 2 Mark Andrews
World Tag Team Titles One Sec 2nd July Wrestlemania 2 Main Event Mafia
Hardcore championship Killer Whale 20th June Bound For Glory Damien Hunter
RAW Womens Championship Emma 2nd July Wrestlemania 2 Kim Rage


Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event Previous Champion(s)
NXT Title
NXT TV Title
NXT Internet Championship
NXT Tag Team Titles
NXT Womens Championship


Accomplishment Latest winner Date Won
Royal Rumble Oliver Bisping 21st May
Raw Money in the Bank contract for the GWF world heavyweight Championship Connor Rhodes

Male Wrestler of the Month

Danny sixx mwotm

Danny Sixx (March 25, 1977) is an American professional wrestler. He is signed to RAW, He is your current world heavyweight champion and is part of the darkness. He is also in a tag team with Zadlan and is now in singles competition on Raw on GWF.

Tag Team of the Month

Glourious d totm

Glorious Domination (June 22 and October 14 1978) is an American and British professional Tag Team. they are signed to Smackdown, They are the the GWF Tag Team champions and they are loved by the fans. they were previously on RAW before being traded to Smackdown on the draft after. They are also managed by Dan Masters

Featured PPV


Extreme Rules is the 4th PPV for season two for GWF on 26.02.17 and is a hosted by the RAW Brand

Female Wrestler of the Month

Sasha banks

Sasha Banks (jan 22, 1992) is an American professional wrestler. She is signed to NXT and is current NXT Women's champion.

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